Monday, 24 October 2011

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He's Not The Man He Used To Be.( A poem about S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder)

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Brief explanation of S.A.D

Main symptoms can be :-
Depression/ sleep problems/ lethargy/ over eating/ loss of concentration/social problems/ anxiety/ loss of libido/ mood changes.
It can start between September and last until April. Due to changes in season and number of daylight hours being reduced due to the time of year. For an in-depth account of the symptoms click on the useful links section of this hub.
Let the sunshine in!
Let the sunshine in!

Poem about S.A.D

He's Not The Man He Used To Be
He doesn't know who he is anymore
The dawn of winter is at his door
Not the person he once was
Thought you ought to know
People don't know what it is like
Trapped inside a shell
Who's to know if he doesn't tell
He looks in the mirror unaware he is looking back
Unable to concentrate and is oh so sad
He is not the man he once was
Feelings he has inside
Tell him that they won't subside
Until such time that he may provide
Determination zest.......oh and pride
It will not beat him you should be glad
To know that others
Suffer with this thing called S.A.D
Why can we not just hibernate
Like animals who can not take
The dark and cold of winters rape


  1. Love your poems. Really liked S.A.D. IT is sad when our men are not like the used to be mostly from illness. great poems.Thanks for writing and sharing..

  2. Thanks to you Deborah for taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it as it means a lot.