Saturday, 5 November 2011

This Is All It Takes

This Is All It Takes

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All It Takes

Grey skies clouds moving fast
The universe beyond is so vast

Small insignificant me
To make a difference here let's see
In this crazy world around me

Those in need deserve our help
It's the only way to satisfy yourself

Giving and receiving there's nothing better
Too bad most don't want the same

All too often we take and take
It's time to recognise our mistake

To make it right will be great

And that's about all it will take.

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  1. Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. By accident I deleted the comment but when I realized you weren't advertising your coffee biz, I re-added your link.

    You can re comment if you like.

    By the way, I love a good godly cup of java each morning and is how I start my day - always.