Todays Poem

A Poem by poshcoffeeco

Stop the world....I want to get off
Global economy up the spout
What is the world all about
Europe's governments going bankrupt ask
Please bail us out
Politicians meet to vote
Then cancel out the debts
Starving 3rd world countries
People dying everyday they say
Please help us out
And what do they get.....I'll let you work it out
Stop the world I want to get off
The world's leaders have gone mad
I find it so sad
If the world stopped today who would get off
Bet you would be first
Greedy bankers would be last no doubt
Would the last one please turn the light out.
Stop the world it's time to get off

By poshcoffeeco

A poem by poshcoffeeco

Tousled Hair

Tousled hair
Your curves so fair

Make me want to stare
Longing to dare

As if to prepare
To take you there

I think you know where
I dare not say where

Tousled hair

My thoughts about you
Are all I have and won't
Stop me falling for you

The pictures you share
So intimate
Yet so rare

Make all
Clamour for the glamour
Of your tousled hair

You tie my tongue
Make me stammer
I have never met a more beautiful stunner


Wild Geese
Fly so high

Always in formation
With great determination
They work for each other

In turns
Slowly swapping over

Helping, helping each other
This is what we should do
Humans like no other

Why do we not learn
Like Geese on the wing
If we did
Where would we be now.

They help the weaker ones
Not walk all over them
And trample on them

Spirit is within us
Why not nurture it for the good
For the better good of our fellow men

Let us make a promise here and now
To be like Geese on the wing
Flying in formation
Let us fly higher than before

To reach the goals we aspire to
It is the only way
You know I am not wrong
It all takes time to serve our fellow man

Geese do it
That's good enough for me